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Service And Calibrations

Balancing Machine System Service & Calibration

Any company that uses a Balancing Machine to either provide a balancing service or for in- house maintenance understands the value of having a well serviced and calibrated machine. CLENG Ltd engineers are specialists in the principles and application of Balancing Machine Systems. As the CIMAT agents we are specialists in CIMAT hard bearing machines but can also calibrate any manufacturer of Balancing machines.

By having your Balancing Machine System calibrated by CLENG Ltd you ensure;

  • The optimum performance from your Balancing Machine System.
  • All OEM parts are direct from CIMAT
  • Confidence that your system is giving precise, accurate results.
  • Your ISO accreditation requirements are satisfied.
  • Traceability with a full calibration report and certificate.

At CLENG Ltd we believe that the success of your Balancing Department is not just based on the Balancing Machine itself but also the quality of you Balancing Engineers. That is why a CLENG Ltd service and calibration includes the yearly calibration of your Balancing Machine System and operator refresher training on the day of the visit.

This continuous training will benefit you by including;

  • Refresher training on the operation of your Balancing Machine System.
  • Refresher training on the principles of Balancing.
  • Analysis and discussions on any ongoing balancing application issues that your operators may be experiencing.

This development of your operator skill-set can not only improve the efficiency of your balancing department but could also possibly expand its capabilities into new areas of balancing service.

Bench Machine Calibration

Portable Data collectors – Bench repair and calibration

As with all instrumentation they can periodically drift out of calibration, at our facility we have a dedicated repair and calibration department.

This service is provided for a wide range of manufacturers and a 12 month ISO calibration certificate is issued to ensure that your ISO accreditation audit is satisfied.

We understand the value this asset has to your company and the financial impact this can have when you send the unit away for weeks at a time. Therefore, our goal is to turn the unit around within 5 days including return shipping.